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Danny Glover in dial hard Orange ad. Hilarious.

Stumbled across this today and thought it was really funny. It’s an Orange sponsored film they show before the feature in cinemas to remind viewers to turn their phones off.


Peter Andre busking for Coke

Well it’s not quite as scandalous as the title might suggest, but to follow my previous post about Coca Cola paying buskers to play ‘Holidays Are Coming’ on the London Underground, Peter Andre will hold a one-off performance for shoppers at a mystery outdoor Central London location in partnership with Coca-Cola.

Andre will sing his current single, ‘Unconditional’, as well as a selection of festive songs. The event will help to raise funds and awareness for 95.8 Capital FM’s, Help a London Child, which helps London’s less advantaged and most vulnerable children and young people. 

Coca-Cola’s sponsorship of the 35 pitches began on 30 November. It supports its TV activity which rolled out 14 November.



Ballantine’s Dancing Whisky Bottle

More booze news, Ballantine’s Whisky has launched a new self illuminating bottle which displays a graphic equalizer and reacts to the sound of music. The concept was created by London-based packaging agency The Core to reinvigorate the on-trade arm of the 182 year old brand.

When it comes to whisky, tradition often lies at the heart of the brand, devices like family crests, wax seals and tartan are synonymous with the big players in whisky. Ballantine’s have made a brave choice here, I for one am not going to try and predict the effectiveness of this campaign, but on a personal level, I think scotch whisky should be proud of its heritage, it should be quiet, refined and intelligent, unlike this new bottle which to my mind is loud, brash and ultimately just a bit trashy. Perhaps it’s aimed exclusively at footballers and that Danny Dyer idiot.


Printable 3D Net font

I came accross this font while looking through for some work I’m doing right now, it’s called Punched Out. It was created by 22 year old, Swiss designer Tobias Sommer (a.k.a shasta).

It’s a set of cut-out layouts with which you can build 3D pixel style letters. You just print it out at whatever size you want, and cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines, put some glue on the shaded flaps, stick them together and hey presto!

I don’t know about you but I think this is a really clever idea, maybe not the most useful font in your toolbox, but still worth downloading for a rainy day.

Download Punched Out font for free from


What colour should my tea be?

Sometimes when I’m offered a brew, which, doesn’t happen nearly enough, I get my tea and it’s either way too light, like somebody just decided to show a tea bag to a cup of hot milk, or it’s nearly black, like the milk was added from a tiny pipette designed to feed baby mice.  I can’t help but wonder what is the perfect colour for my cuppa?

Well luckily I found this when I searched “what colour should my tea be?” on google (god I work hard). This essential tea tool will make sure it never happens again. As will the fact that it’s very unlikely anyone will make me tea ever again.

FYI – I’m a “Classic British” man myself.



Check out this iNudge

There’s no better way to procastinate. Press play to see what I managed to do with the letters of SPREADTHICK.

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