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My favourite negative space logos

When it comes to logo design there’s a few tricks every designer can use to make it effective and arresting. Negative space is one of the most impressive and it requires some real patience in the conceptualization stages. These logos use the forms and shapes we CAN see, to suggest other forms and shapes that we CAN’T see. Here’s a collection of my favourites from around the world.


10 great reinventions of the business card

I try and go to as many networking events as possible and get as many cards as I can get my hands on, some of them are great, some are ok, and others are just boring. When you think about the job of a business card, it’s really simple; it must say hello, my name is __________, and this is what I do. Here are some great reinventions of that concept, they do their job perfectly, but very differently. They’re fun, they’re effective and they’re sure to stick in the mind of the viewer.

Check out this classic business card scene from American Psycho


My top ten designer fonts.

I love typefaces, I think they really make or break a design. Here’s my top ten favourite fonts that I’ve recently enjoyed using. I just couldn’t really put them in order of my favourites, it depends on the project, so they’re in a random order for your perusal and enjoyment.


Essential Read – A Technique For Producing Ideas


 I admit I was sceptical when I saw the title of this book, I always thought ideas just floated into my mind, and if they were good ideas, and I put them onto paper quick enough, it was just another lucky coincidence that came just in time for a deadline.

In fact, I’ve learnt from this book that really, ideas are produced from experiences, knowledge and a tenacious determination to come up with something cool. This book simply shows you how to speed this process up and even repeat it when you really need to. The better you understand it, the better you can control it.

Check it out if you get a chance, oh and by the way, I’m not getting paid to say I love this book, I just do.

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