Bad Ass Mickey

Film  and games trends showing more assertive characters and increasingly sophisticated graphics have prompted Disney to re-evaluate their 71 year-old character.

Disney makes about £3 billion a year from the Mickey Mouse brand. Mickey’s look has been virtualy unaltered over the years but will now take on a ‘cunning and cantankerous streak’ for a new Disney video game, Epic Mickey, to be released next year.

Disney will look at changing things like the way he walks and talks to his appearance and what his house looks like at Disney World.

Epic Mickey will be set in a (wait for it) cartoon wasteland inhabited by forgotten and retired Disney creations. Players can opt to be a co-operative, helpful Mickey or a more destructive version that starts to resemble a rat!

http://www.nytimes.com/imagepages/2009/11/04/business/05mickey-1.html Click this link to see the new mickey.



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